Sunday, Oct. 26th – Pastor Don McClure – Guest Speaker


More than 5,000 people filled the sanctuary, overflow rooms, and courtyard on Thursday night to celebrate the life and ministry of our beloved Senior Pastor Steve Mays. Pastor Steve went to be with the Lord on October 2nd after having come through back surgery successfully. It was determined that he succumb from a blood clot that went to his lung

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How Hiding Yourself From God is Hurting You and What to Do Instead

There are a lot of people living behind masks everyday. I’m not talking about the masks that you wear on Halloween, I’m talking about the masks that aren’t visible to the naked eye. They hide their true selves from others. They may hide behind fake smiles, makeup, or material things in the world. Meanwhile, on the inside, they’re extremely insecure or, they’re going through a personal problem. Som … Continue reading